Kaden – 3/5/2017

A┬árepeat of Brian’s lesson yesterday. Used the raised walk cavaletti (set of 4) several times (knocked then each time). Also worked on trot poles down in the grass field. Did sitting trot – walk – halt – side pass – walk – trot sets both ways. He was pleasingly forward for canter work in the arena, down transition to a trot and over a small X both directions. The first time he just jogged over it but the second time I felt him “lock in” on the jump and want to take me there. YAY. Ended with stretching trot but while he’s going low he’s curling his neck under. It’ll come with time.

We also worked on the gate. He stops on the mark and stands still when you grab the chain and let the gate swing open. If he gets impatient at the gate opening we immediately walk forward in the ring, but he is consistently standing patient when the gate swings open. Now I’m adding in a turn on the forehand to face the gate opening and standing patiently for how ever long before I ask him to exit the arena. We’re still working on turns on the forehand and haunches as well as side pass before we can progress with the gate.