Star – Assembling Puzzle Pieces

We have been getting the jumps rehabilitated and cleaning up the jump pasture, so we took Plumpkin out there this week to try to put some of our training puzzle pieces together.

Look, she is chunky, has been a tad difficult to get fit, and has a hard time finding her 3rd gear. So the past 6 months we’ve been doing training in layers. Some days we work on getting a canter depart. Some days we worked on general fitness, including longer trot durations, hill work and more intense cavaletti pattern work. We also worked on cavaletti to individual jumps. Once she looked willing and confident from trot poles to a single X we removed the trot poles.

It’s been a long, very careful process. Not because she is a challanging horse, but because she is sweet, and, well, a Plumpkin.

Anyhow… this last week we started assembling the individual puzzle pieces and took her out into the large field to try multiple jumps in a more flowing space.

Caitlyn and Lauren did real good with the ole Plumpkin. I only got video of Laurens ride on Monday, but Caitlyn’s ride was just as nice, even scoring the right hand canter lead on the landing of the final jump! yay