2/23/17 Rosie

Worked on Rosie lowering her head in a trot and walk. Started by doing ground work in rope halter. Asked for her to lower her head and turn on the forehand. Then we got onto the lung line and put her in a shambon. Lowered her head some in the walk and over poles but had a harder time lowering her head in the trot. Fought against the shambon except over poles (she lowered her head some over poles). Also lowered her head sometimes in the transition down from trot to walk and walk to trot. After lunging, I rode her for a few minutes and continued working on lowering her head. I started by asking her to side pass and do turn on the forehands. After that, I asked her to trot in a small circle then I would move her out onto a larger circle and rub her neck. She lowered her head once but never held anything. Walked around outside he arena as a cool down.