Star – Canter Work 11/5

Star – I got her out on the track before the sun set to work on her canter a bit. She didn’t volunteer the right hand lead, but that’s ok. I just wanted to canter her in a space that was larger and more inviting of forward flow than our riding arena. We also did the jump grid Caitlyn and Lauren have built up to over the last 3 weeks ( across the diagonal, ground pole 3 trot strides a single raised cavaletti, 4 trot strides to an X).

She was very good. The girls have brought her quite a long way in a year and a half (with summers off). :-)

I did get the right hand lead in the arena. We schooled the gate (obstacle) a half dozen times. She stops and stands obediently while you lean over and grab the chain and wiggle the gate. She also does nothing if you let the gate swing open. :-) Layers.