Kaden – 7/16/2016

Earlier this week Sadie came out to ride Kaden. I had offered her the opportunity because she was leaving to go to a week long dressage riding camp, and I thought it may be beneficial if she had some time on other horses since she wouldn’t be taking her own horse. Kaden was fine.

I rode him yesterday and started adding some more demands into his program. I only rode him for a half hour because summer is here, and it is so darn hot and humid.  I started to ask him to keep his walk a bit more active (he is so laid back and slow).  We worked on a pattern of poles set up on a ‘tear drop’ figure 8, with 3 fanned out trot poles down at ‘A’, and 2 spread out poles on the other side of the figure 8 with one at ‘C’, one placed on the diagonal line going to M and one on the diagonal line at H.   He’s getting better at the trot poles but still has a long way to go (he doesn’t have a lot of gumption so he trips up on deciding to put in a short stride or take a long stride).

After the figure 8  trot work I asked for some trot with a transition to walk about 5 (walk) strides before a single raised cavaletti, then a transition about 5 stride after.

Then we did a few laps around in the canter, which is always a pleasure.

He is starting to understand the seat, and is responding well to the seat in walk to halt transitions.  His canter to trot transitions are ok, because his canter really doesn’t go anywhere and is so well balanced for his age and lack of training.  But the trot to walk still require some active rein aids.