Boarding Conditions & Contract

Because of the fact we live on the property (and this is our HOME not just a business),we have become picky over the types of boarders we want here at our home. Over time we have come to realize EXTREME boarders do not fit in well with our ‘horse keeping’ practices. Frankly we are not in this for ‘the money’. We ENJOY providing these horse related services to people who ENJOY their horses.

Somewhere between neglect and pampering is good sense horse care.  We firmly believe horses need a standard of care. Horses need their hooves trimmed on a reasonable schedule. Horses need regular vet and farrier care. Horses need exercise and healthy food, occasional grooming, reasonable shelter and fairly safe environment. Being domesticated animals boarded horses also need a certain amount of attention from their owners (people). However, we also believe HORSES ARE MEANT TO BE HORSES. They can be out in the rain, they do not have to be fed at the same exact time every day (on the hour on the minute). Small scratches, squabbles in group turn out, sun fading and being dirty are a healthy and acceptable consequence to a normal ‘horse’ life-style.

We believe healthy horses can and do adjust quite well without being pampered, coddled or living better than the average human does.  Boarders who expect care standards above the services we offer CAN be accommodated BUT WILL BE CHARGED according to their wants/needs (individual turn out or altered turn out schedule, special feed/hay needs, special blanketing / fly sheet, soaking feed, sunscreen, etc).

Please contact us for our boarding contract in PDF format. We invite potential boarders to come out to get a feel for the atmosphere, environment and standard of horse care practices we use. We are more than willing to provide contacts/references from previous and current boarders.

  • All horses boarded at SPS need to be of good character with good basic training (ground skills).  Horses need to be sociable and able to get along with most other horses.  Our facility is not equipped to handle stallions, poorly educated horses, or horses with extreme medical conditions (blindness or active founder for example).
  • Horse owners / boarders should have a certain level of experience, confidence and common sense to allow them to carry out such tasks as; go out in the field and safely retrieve their horse, ride or handle the horse in the company of others, handle their horse safely under normal circumstances, understand common horse farm etiquette like closing gates/doors, not tying your horse to inappropriate objects, etc. If owners show that they are inexperienced to a level that they put themselves, others or other’s horses in harms way, or do not understand the basics of horse care and horsemanship safety, those boarders may be required to take some basic horsemanship lessons.  As an example a Pony Club D2 or D3 level would be a good base of knowledge for an adult horse owner here at Starting Point Stables.
  • All riders are required to wear ASTM-SEI certified equestrian helmets at all times while mounted.
  •  All owners, and any guests of owners, must sign all Starting Point Stables release forms before participating in any horse related activities.
  • Board payment is due on the 15th of the month PRIOR to the month being paid for.  Example:   November 2017 board is due on October 15th.
  • All horses must be able to eat bermuda coastal hay, all horse owners must provide bermuda coastal hay for horses to consume in group turn out.  Horses can eat whatever other types of hay/forage the owner wishes while the horse is in its stall.
  • Horse owners need to be willing to pitch in to help in the event the farm owners go out of town.  We try to rely on doing a co-op system vs hiring outside help.

Boarders who prove to be irresponsible owners (not paying their bills on time, not providing proper care per NC state laws, using extreme handling or training techniques, or are inadequately skilled to be unsupervised), or bring unnecessary drama, will kindly be asked to leave.